Right-of-Way Surveys

ROW1 Right-of-Way or Route Surveys are made to plan, design, and construct…

  • Highways
  • Railroads
  • Municipal Utility Mains
  • Petroleum Pipelines
  • Linear Parks And Greenbelt Projects
  • Transmission Lines

Marshall Lancaster & Associates, Inc. utilizes a combination of laser, robotics, and global positioning system (GPS) for developing control networks. Topographic design surveys are prepared through the use of automated field collection and office mapping procedures. We coordinate services with municipal staff, attorneys, engineers, and appraisers during acquisition. Professional Land Surveyors reconstruct existing boundaries. They compute new right-of-way alignments, prepare legal descriptions, right-of-way strip maps and individual “take” parcel maps. This information is available to municipalities and design consultants in a variety of digital formats.

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